Duo Camassia

Danel Cove and Marilyn Rummel

We are a music duo playing harp and flute - specifically, lever harp and baroque flute. 

We specialize in playing traditional folk music of the Anglo-Celtic isles, Scandinavia and Central Europe, as well as traditional hymns and spirituals of the protestant traditions of New England and the American South. 

Those are our main sources and influences - among others: various folk traditions of the world, Gregorian chant, secular music of the Renaissance, religious music of the Baroque era, modern classical minimalism, … and the list goes on.

We make simple music, beautifully played, eschewing virtuosity and undue complexity. 

With the understanding that celebration, relaxation, worship and mourning can all take many forms along many paths, we invite inspiration through improvisation and surprise through grace. We are constantly seeking new ways of thinking, conversing and playing our curated repertoire of tunes, hymns, common songs and our own composed pieces.

Even a brief listen to some of our sound samples and pieces convinces listeners - and ourselves! - that this combination of instruments played in this style is uniquely beautiful and fine: the archaic and earthy simplicity of flute and harp, their timbral contrast and blending, the gentle enveloping of modal melody with vocal shaping, the spacious invitation to listen and be led... 

Our respective musical backgrounds extends back for decades of playing in a variety of contexts and genres and on various instruments. Both of us have played, practiced and performed in numerous and unique settings: choral concerts, theater pieces, weddings, folk festivals, dances, fairs, private and public concerts, Church services, and funerals.

This has provided us with a range of emotional and experiential content, a flexibility and orientation to connect to, engage in, and finally to make music of fineness, intensity and relatability.