"they carve out an inner space in the listener - and fill it with sound..." ” - YJ

Duo Camassia

Flute & harp

Danel Cove and Marilyn Rummel

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Marilyn Rummel is a lifelong musician, teacher and composer. She began playing piano and guitar and flute as a child on the prairies, and in her teens in the lower mainland, played for musicals, in marching bands, and wherever she could. She studied music education at Western Washington College (now University) and taught band, choir, recorder and early childhood music in Quesnel, BC. Moving to Wells and Barkerville determined the next substantial portion of her life where she worked in theatre, historical interpretation and established several successful businesses in the summers, and studied music and taught in the local school in the winters. Harp entered her life early in that period, and she has devoted herself to the harp ever since.

She moved with her family to Vancouver Island about 20 years ago, and has established a full time teaching studio, is the music director for a local church, and publishes her compositions and arrangements for harps world wide, as well as doing workshops internationally.

Duo Camassia is her latest project, and her work with Danel is the fulfillment of a long-held dream to create music, composing and improvising and sharing the beauty and creativity that arises from the flute and harp and their players working together. They play concerts, theatricals and special events, and are available for workshops and wherever the harp and flute are needed!